• Aclas PS6B

    Communication Price Computing Scale



    Product Description

    * Unique super power-saving design in the world, only 3 D alkaline batteries can drive the scale 2 years (8 hours each day, 30 times each hour, 10 seconds each time) .

    * Insect-proof design (patent), able to prevent the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine, reducing 80% failure.

    * Unique multi customers accumulating function (patent) with five accumulating keys, able to accumulate for five customers at the same time. One piece of scale could
    equal to five scales.

    * Patent vibration-detected-circuit design, most of the time in super power saving stand-by status(21UA)will enter into working status by any loading(backlight degree
    1~7,default 1 degree, 5.5mA).

    * Lower cost: 3 D type dry batteries can drive the scale for 2-3 years. The life of traditional lead batteries is only 2 years and need professional people to replace, expensive
    and often break down.

    * Patent hot keypad, not only can be printed to put PLU sheet underneath, but also can be used as unit price default keys, improve sale efficiency.

    * Super 3-line 8 characters LCD display, able to display weight, unit price and total price in the same screen.

    * The most feature-rich in redisplay function, able to redisplay the transaction process which including unit price, piece weight, total price, price unit and serial number,
    clearer than other scales in market.

    * Well-designed combined function keys, convenience and easy to operate.

    * Daily total turnover check function.

    * The tyoe with communication port, able to connect with POS or ECR. Optional RS232 dongle to realize wireless communication.